In Texas BBQ means Beef Brisket. Our Texas Style Beef
Brisket has been called by one of our Texas transplanted
customers, “the best brisket I’ve eaten since I left Texas.”
Others have told us that our Brisket reminds them of home.
Our Texas Style Beef Brisket is dry rubbed with a mix of 13
herbs and spices and slow roasted for 12 to 14 hours over oak
and maple coals. It emerges as tender, juicy and loaded with
big beefy flavor as any beef you’ve ever tasted and with a
buttery texture that will melt in your mouth.
From lunch or dinner at our BBQ
stand in Saint Peter to a full service
hog roast, Doc E’s BBQ can provide
tasty, real wood roasted BBQ that will
keep you coming back for more.

Our pulled pork sandwich is stacked high with our
mouth-watering pork, slow roasted for 10 to 12 hours over
a hardwood fire. Then it’s topped with our soon-to-be
famous “Pork Pleasure Sauce.” You can also order the
sandwich “Carolina Style” topped with our Carolina Slaw.
Since we began serving our Saint Louis Style Pork Ribs they have
developed a real fan base. We start with a dry rub of ginger,
cinnamon and 10 other herbs and spices and slow roast each rack
for 4 to 6 hours over hardwood smoke until the meat just pulls away
from the bone. We then top them off with a honey and ginger glaze
that gives them a combination of spicy and sweet flavors.