Give us a call to reserve a date
for your graduation or wedding
reception, groomís dinner,
company picnic, or backyard
gathering with your friends. You
are certain to please your crowd
with Doc Eís BBQ.
We can also provide all your favorite side dishes which
include Red Tater Salad, Southwestern Beans, Carolina
Slaw, Roasted Red Potatoes, Fiesta Corn, Roasted Sweet
Corn, Smoked JalapeŮo Poppers, Miss Ivyís Corn Bread,
Chili Rice and Beans, or Granny Smithís Apple Cobbler for
dessert and you will have a meal that you and your guests
will remember.
Doc Eís hasnít forgotten your vegetarian guests. We can provide
unique and delicious vegetarian options such as our Frittata, an
open faced omelet with herbs, tomato and four Italian cheeses or
our roasted sweet peppers stuffed with tomato, herbs, feta,
Romano and parmesan cheese and lightly dressed with a
balsamic vinaigrette.
In addition to our regular items we can work with you to provide
a menu designed just for your event.
Imagine serving all of your bbq favorites, from slow roasted
Pulled Pork, Texas Style Beef Brisket. Saint Louis Style Pork
Ribs, to chicken, steaks, or burgers from the grill with all the
extras but without the days of preparation. That's what Doc E's
Catering will do for you. Click here to download our brochure.